Val-d'Or Mining Corporation holds a 100% interest in a group of properties located in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, which includes the Baden Prospect.

This property is located within the Matachewan Gold Camp and consists of four claims in Baden Township that total approximately 256 hectares.

The gold showings on the property occur in quartz veins associated with mineralized syenite porphyry dikes. The showings are located approximately thirteen kilometres north northwest of the gold deposits of the AuRico Young Davidson Mine that occur within a  stockwork of quartz veinlets and narrow quartz veins, rarely greater than a few centimetres thick that are within a broader halo of disseminated pyrite and potassic alteration.

Fondewa Gold Mines Limited:  No. 2 Vein

In the 1937 the No. 2 Vein or discovery vein on the Baden Prospect was extensively trenched. Four grab samples of quartz from this vein are reported on in dollar values based on gold at $35.00 an ounce. They are listed as follows: $10.50, $3.50, $4.90 and $2.80 (Robson, 1938; KL 2155).

Also in 1937 the No. 2 Vein  was  cut  at  shallow  depths  by  seven  drill  holes along  a  strike  length  of  500  feet  with  the  following  results (McCannell, 1976 AFRO 63.3327).

  • DH 2 (1937) / 0.18 opt Au over 4 feet.
  • DH 5 (1937) / 0.07 opt Au over 3 feet.
  • DH 6 (1937) / 0.35 opt Au over 1.58 feet.
  • DH 7 (1937) / 0.38 opt Au over 4 feet.
  • DH 8 (1937) / 0.11 opt Au over 5.25 feet.
  • DH 10 (1937) / 0.31 opt Au over 2.5 feet.

Manitou Gold Mines Inc.: No. 7 Vein

In 1976 diamond drilling was carried out on the No. 7 Vein located about 250 metres north northwest of the No. 2 vein. The logs describe the geology as being made up of feldspar porphyry, felsite and andesite. Highly anomalous gold values were encountered over narrow widths in some of the drillholes (McCannell, 1976, AFRO 63.3327).

  • DH 4 (1976) / 0.175 opt over 6.0 feet and 0.44 opt Au over 0.6 feet.
  • DH 7 (1976) / 2.26 opt Au over 1.6 feet & 0.545 opt Au over 0.6 feet.
  • DH 8 (1976) / 3.23 opt Au over 2.0 feet
  • DH 10 (1976) /3.79 opt Au over 0.8 feet

Quilty Showing

The Quilty Showing is located 600 metres southwest of the No. 2 Vein. At this location an old trench exposes white quartz veins containing 1-2 % pyrite cubes up to 5 mm across as well as ankerite veins. The metavolcanic host rock is silicified near the veins (Kresz, 1993; OFR 5874).  A channel sample from the trench was said to have assayed 0.45 opt Au (Lovell, 1967; GR 51).

J.E.McVittie (French Vein) Showing

The showing consists of a quartz vein in the contact zone between massive volcanic rocks (possibly tuffs) on the west and syenite porphyry on the east. A grab sample of red syenite porphyry containing quartz stringers gave an assay of 0.14 opt Au. A loose sample of vein quartz containing a small amount of chalcopyrite and pyrite gave an assay of 8.41 opt Au and 9.79 opt Ag (Lovell, 1967; GR51).

In 1973 Ronda Copper Mines Ltd. drilled DDHs 73-01 and 73-02 under the showing. DDH 73-02 intersected 0.475 opt Au over 3 feet (Szetu and Ogden, 1978; AFRO 63.3554).

Golden Valley Mines Ltd.

Prospecting of the No.2 vein by Golden Valley Mines Ltd. in 2013 was successful in collecting many grab samples that were highly anomalous in gold. The four best assay results were 31.90 g/t Au, 15.95 g/t Au, 15.75 g/t Au and 12.12 g/t Au.

Sampling of the Quilty Showing by Golden Valley Mines Ltd. in 2013 returned assay results of 6.66 g/t Au, 2.17 g/t Au and 1.13 g/t Au.